Sea Kayaking – Historical Facts to Know

Sea kayaking is fast acquiring appeal together with the other exterior adventure sports on the marketplace. It is an endeavor that boasts a very abundant history. Right here are 10 interesting truths regarding sea kayaking and kayaks you may not have actually recognized.

Sea Kayaks

  • The Eskimos began sea kayaking in the Arctic area over 4000 years earlier. They built the first kayaks to allow swift and simple movement across water utilizing little effort. By adapting to an atmosphere of more water than land and little greenery or land animals, the Eskimos used sea kayaks as a way of survival to hunt seals, whales and walrus for food, clothing, and shelter. Kayaks were built utilizing animal skin sewed over structures made from wood or whale bones and waterproofed utilizing animal lard.
  • In 1924, kayaking debuted as a demo sport in the Paris Olympics. After 12 years, it formally became an Olympic occasion in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as the first 10 course Canoe/Kayak Flat-water event.
  • The very first solo circuit of Australia using sea kayaking was attained by Paul Caffyn in 1982. It took him 360 days to complete the expedition, running into wild browse, cyclones and severe forces of nature in a 9,420-mile travel. Caffyn’s endeavor set the benchmark for contemporary kayaking explorations.
  • It took 332 days for the very first lady to circumnavigate Australia in 2009 by sea kayaking. Freya Hoffmeister from Germany voyaged 13,000 kilometres and ended up the circumnavigation 28 days earlier than Paul Caffyn in 1982.
  • In 1980, Birgit Fischer was the youngest canoe winner in Olympic history at the age of 18. She achieved an overall of 12 Olympic medals by the age of 24.
  • Greg Barton was the first United States Olympic gold medalist in the kayaking event in the 1988 games. At the time, he was also the only rival to take home 2 gold medals for the occasion.
  • The first kayaking medal of Australia was won by Dennis Green and Wally Brown in the 1956 Melbourne Games. The duo won the bronze in the 10,000 m kayak (K2), an event that fell short to proceed in the succeeding Olympic Games.
  • Clint Robinson a browse lifesaver won Australia’s initial kayak gold medal in the K-1 1000m finals of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
  • Kayak slalom occasions pioneered at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, yet were subsequently gotten rid of because of the cost associated with creating manufactured training courses. It came back as the Slalom Canoe/Kayak occasion in the 1992 Barcelona Games, where Danielle Woodward won Australia’s very first medal taking silver. The occasion was once more eliminated from the video games at the end of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The Slalom Canoe/Kayak event did not to go back to the Olympics till the 2000 Games in Sydney.

More than just an excellent adventure to see gorgeous put on earth, sea kayaking has actually had a history which has revealed guy’s courage, interest and resilience. Man and kayak have actually come a lengthy means, from being a survival tool to a vessel that brought man to unmatched achievements and impressive overcomes.



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